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In every individual, there are fundamentals so strong to make life brighter and more positive. Ordinary people can become effective leaders by drawing from within themselves a progressive attitude to learn, develop pathways for transformative actions and becoming a source of inspiration.
Strategy Guild is a coaching platform equipped with credible resources and coaching plans that support prospects to learn, act and grow. With commitment and consistent actions prospects can eventually become their best aspired selves.

ONE-ON-ONE coaching

A journey to personal mastery:
six sessions program 

The program is for individuals who have acquired or are into leadership roles.
It integrates the needs of the individual as a fundamental component of their leadership journey for a better performance.

By the end of the six sessions, you will be able to:

  • Strengthen your emotional intelligence

  • Identify your optimal interpersonal communication skill

  • Structure your leadership style

  • Develop strategies to create opportunities in your leadership performances

Person Writing

module 1
Unleashing your ideal self

  • The wheel of life assessment

  • Working on above the line and below the line thinking model.

  • Mapping your ideal day

Gym Equipments

Module 2
Tapping into your strengths as pillars of progress

  • Working on your personality traits, beliefs and values

  • Working with the VIA character strength survey

Image by Markus Winkler

module 3
Your ultimate goal

  • What drives your passion

  • How to sustain your goals

  • Working on the six core needs


module 4
Your self-empowerment

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Self-awareness creativity and performance

  • Six months self-improvement plan

Image by Kelly Sikkema

module 5
Your empowered self 

  • Developing a standard for consistent action

  • Using the critical alignment model

Office Building

module 6
Creating a pathway to leadership implementation

  • The need to create opportunities

  • Your models of excellence

  • Your first 90 days as a leader

Public Library

your next step

  • Access your leadership style assessment unlock here

  • Book a free  45 minutes consultancy session here


 I have found Rejoice to be encouraging, supportive and willing to share insights and ideas when coaching to expand my thinking and facilitate a good outcome for me. 

Beverly D

disruptive leadership Program

Developed by the founder of the International Coaching Institute.
The program will allow you to explore some of the most powerful tools, tips, and strategy on how to create a world-class culture and an award-winning team.


Module 2 - Benchmarks for Success

  • Introduction to Critical Alignment Model: Structure

  • Criteria For Success 

Image by William Zhang

Module 3 - Models of Excellence

  • Introduction to Critical Alignment Model: Implementation

Frame for Your Projects

Module 4 - Your Leadership

  • The psychology of high performance team

  • The four quadrants of personal leadership 

Image by Nick Fewings

Module 5 - Manager Versus Leader

  • Performance Management - Quarterly Review Template for Team Leaders

  • Performance Management - Quarterly Review Template for Individuals

Reviewing Reports at Desk

Module 6 - Your First 90 Days as a Leader

  • Leaders self assessment

Image by Nina Mercado

Module 7 - Your Bonuses

  • Interview with Sharon the founder of ICI

Disruptive Leadership.jpg

Your next step


Rejoice quickly established a safe and secure coaching environment. Her interest and level of curiosity in what I had to say, enabled a sense of trust to become a feature of our meetings. Her style of coaching was light although there was a strong sense of professional curiosity. Rejoice is a keen listener and as a result her questions led us along a pathway which enabled me to gain insight into underlying issues. This gave me a different perspective about the topics I had raised, and consequently, the problems I came to her to discuss, were quickly resolved. I am very grateful for the sessions I had with Rejoice and feel I am able to move forward.

Barbara  S


"For years I’ve presented at conferences nationally and internationally and facilitated workshops. However with no structure. I love what we learned in the room. I did the course some two years back. And I keep refreshing on my notes. Yesterday I was approached to be the keynote speaker for the National Business Professional Women’s Conference about my core passion - Business, the greatest adventure of all!"

B  F

Founder of Bec Fox Unleash Your Power Business & Leadership Coach

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